A Relaxing Day

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Have you noticed that sometimes it is much harder to relax than to be busy. On Easter Sunday I was asked to play trumpet in the Confluence Ministries Band in City Park, Denver. It was a wonderful time and the sun rising over the lake reminded me of the Easter resurrection story of the stone being rolled away from the tomb of Jesus. The light of the world emerging from the darkness! The fact that it was 5:30 AM and 35 degrees made it all the more interesting, especially trying to play a trumpet with frozen lips. It was great to make new friends and meet new people who were excited to worship the resurrected creator in a park that is in the heart of the city.

Shortly after that I had to hustle to get over to the Gathering and preach a sermon. The music minister (Anna), was very sick that day and so I also had to lead the worship, play the piano and run the music rehearsal. It was great to see a couple of new faces in the crowd of our small but mighty fellowship. I am so excited when I look out into the room and see people who serve God.

Not sure how the day got so busy but right after the closing at church I drove back downtown and played the trumpet at Holy Ghost church. What a day! It was now 1:30 PM and time to go to the family Easter dinner. Yum! Amazing Lamb Kabobs at brother David and Liz’s. A full day indeed. “You must be tired” my 81 year old Mom asked. I was a bit fatigued and probably a little loopy but not enough to stay away from playing some soccer.

A great day for me includes preaching the Good News of Jesus, worshiping with so many amazing believers as the sun rises over the city, getting together with family and friends for an amazing meal.
I love my job!


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